Nabeel Nafisah Sweets

Luxurious Damascene Taste

About Us

Nabeel Nafisah Sweets was established in one of the old Damascus neighborhoods in 1957, generations of the family carried the honesty of the profession pursuing to provide the best types of oriental sweets over the past decades so that the name Nabeel Nafisah became a sign that must be mentioned in the talk about ancient Damascus and its famous food and sweets.


Oriental sweets with a special taste, despite the spread of western sweets around us, but their taste remains crowned on the throne of our hearts and stomachs.
We are used to having sweets as something in our home, and I also make kinds of sweets in our minds in basic colors, seasons and holidays, such as kunafa with us in the holy month of Ramadan in most Arab countries.

The Ashura dish on the night of the tenth month of Muharram, cakes on Eid al-Fitr, and so on. ..and each dessert has a history and a story about its proximity and its spread in different eras until now. Nammoura with cream is considered one of the sweets that has ancient origins in the Arab world and is still widespread among us until now.